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How do FSBOConnection, CutTheCommission, and CTByOwner work together?

These three websites are the key to listing and selling your home FSBO in Connecticut. FSBOConnection is what connects our broker's license to get you into MLS® through, and attracting buyers without agents through and All three work together to find you the right buyer while paying the least (or hopefully NO) commission.

I'm concerned about handling all the paperwork on my own...

The paperwork is actually not that confusing, but regardless, you won't be on your own when you list with us. With our program we are here to help you every step of the way. There are some disclosures you will complete (CT Property Condition Disclosure and Federal Lead Disclosure (if built prior to 1978)), and an Inclusion/Exclusion form noting anything you're willing to leave, or anything you are planning to take that the buyer might have expected was included. We will help you negotiate and help you do the sales contract when you have a buyer.
Remember, real estate agents don't do any legal work. Your attorney will be the one doing the closing.

Where are you located?

We are located in Canton, CT and handle only Connecticut listings. That's what's so great about working with us. We've been helping FSBO sellers in CT since 1988. We know CT laws, have the proper forms for you, and with us you won't be "a number".  You'll receive personal service, you won't be just a listing farmed out from a nationwide listing mill.

How long will it take to get my property online?

Once we get your paperwork and photos it can be less than 2 hours before your listing is live. We can time it for whenever you're ready. We can either put it in right away if you want us to, or some people choose to get us everything, so it's off their desk and on to ours, and they have us start the listing on a specific date when they're ready to accept showings.

Where will my listing appear?

Your property will be advertised in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®),,,,,,,,, (these are the biggies) plus hundreds of other sites. We pay extra to have your listing classified as a Showcase Listing, so it gets fed into an internet pipeline to all CT agent and broker websites as well as nationwide listing sites. There shouldn't be a buyer that doesn't know your property is available!

In what Multiple Listing Service will my property be listed?

We are members of CT MLS® and the Greater Fairfield County MLS®, so your listing will go on whichever is appropriate for your town. If you are anywhere near the county line we'll put you in both MLS® services at no extra charge. In the summer of 2017 the two services will be combining into one Statewide MLS®.

How many photos can I post?

You are allowed up to 40 photos on CTMLS® or 25 photos on GFC CMLS®. That sounds like a lot, but if you take several angles of the exterior and the important rooms it's pretty easy to get close to 25 or 40.  Studies have shown that homes with the most photos get the most online clicks. When you only have a few photos the potential buyers think you're hiding something, so shoot away!

I want to sell my house myself, so do I need to have my property listed on MLS® (Multiple Listing Service)?

Although you're not required with our program to put your house on MLS® it will help you get the maximum amount of exposure. By being on MLS® we can post your home on some great high-traffic sites that don't take FSBO listings -  such as,,, and others.
The truth of the matter is that because CT is a "buyer broker" state a vast majority of buyers are hooked up with an agent through a buyer broker contract. Without MLS® you will completely miss reaching those buyers. If the right buyer comes to you with an agent you should just hold a little more firm on your price to cover the commission. The higher price you'll get from having the extra exposure is worth it.

Will you be bringing buyers to my house and collecting the commission?

Absolutely not. We will give all the buyer leads directly to you. We are a true FSBO company rather than a flat-fee listing service. We do not work with buyers except to pass them right along to you.
If one of these FSBO buyers is right for your property there will be No Commission. If the right buyer is already working with a buyer's agent at least you're paying reduced commission (3% - split 2.5% to the buyer's agency and 0.5% to us), but our first interest is getting your home sold FSBO.

Who shows my house?

You'll receive calls from both agents and FSBO buyers. Agents will be asking for a specific time for the showing so it fits into their schedule for the day. The agent will conduct the tour, you just have to get them into the house by either using a combo lockbox or leaving the door open for them while you step out for a bit. You DO NOT want to be there or conduct the tour. You've worked very hard to de-personalize the house so the buyer thinks of it as theirs not yours. Having the owner home during the showing squashes all that! Also you want the buyer and their agent to talk freely about the buyer's thoughts, and they won't do that with you standing there.
FSBO buyers will be more flexible on when they can make an appointment because they're not trying to fit it in between other showings. You will conduct the tour when the buyers are not with an agent.


Do I need to use a lockbox?

You will be the one to show FSBO buyers your property, but when an agent shows it you want to allow them to be on their own with their buyers. You don't have to use a lockbox, but you may choose to. You need whatever method you're comfortable with to get agents into your property for appointments if you're not there.
If you choose to use a lockbox we have Combination Lockboxes for $40. They are very secure because only you will be giving out the combination and you can reset it as often as you want.  No one will be entering your home without your permission.
If you choose not to use a lockbox you'll just have to figure a way to let the agents in - a hidden key, or be there to let them in.

How will you help me?

We help you with everything from the listing paperwork, to advising you about changes we think you should make to the listing or your property, to advising you during negotiations with a buyer, to even doing the negotiations for you if you need us to. It's all included in the one price of $399 to list.

How long will my listing last?

Your listing lasts as long as you need. You can start out listing for 6 months or a year feeling comfortable that you can cancel at any time, and extend for a longer period at no charge if needed. We'll be in touch if an expiration date is looming so we can extend before it expires. If you choose to let it expire, or you have us cancel it for some reason (going on an extended vacation for example) we can re-input it within 12 months for just $99. Some sellers purposely have us take their listing out and re-input it just to "freshen it up" if they feel it's starting to get stale.

Are there charges if I want to make changes to my listing?

No, there are no charges for any changes. Change the words, change the photos, add an Open House to the listing. It's all included in the one time charge you've paid.

Is there any guarantee that my house will sell?

We can never guarantee that a property will sell because it all depends on condition, pricing, your ability to get it shown, etc. What we can guarantee is that with our extensive advertising there won't be a buyer out there that won't know your property is available to purchase. That being said we do offer a Money Back Guarantee described below.

Can I cancel my listing if I want to list with an agent?

You can cancel your listing at any time, but remember when you're listed with us you ARE listed with an agent. Our broker name in MLS® is Another agent will not be putting you anywhere that you haven't been with us, they'll just be charging you a lot more commission! And they WILL NOT let you cancel the listing with them, as we do, so be cautious about who you sign with and for how long.

If you want to drop our listing and go with another agent let us know. With our Money-Back Guarantee if you choose to have us refer you to an agent and they accept the referral, either one you're thinking of using or one of the ones we deal with regularly that we would recommend, we will refund the $399 you paid us once your property sells with that agent. And if it doesn't sell and you realize you want to come back to us we can re-list as noted above for $99.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is click to go to our FSBO Store, pay for your advertising package, complete some forms, and email us the photos. It's very easy. Call if you have additional questions, or click to get started!





















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